Welcome to Glasbury & District Community Council

boats on riverSituated within the Parliamentary Ward of Brecon & Radnor, Glasbury & District Community Council is an amalgamation of two local authority wards – Glasbury & Llowes and Boughrood.

This encompasses Boughrood, Llanstephan, Cwmbach, Ciltwrch, Ffynnon Gynydd, Llowes and Glasbury (Radnorshire). The river Wye marking the boundary line in Glasbury.

The Community Council is an elected body to make decisions which represent the views of the residents in the Community on a wide variety of subjects that come before the Community Council these can be at local and national level.

Your local Community Councillor is the link between local residents and the next tier of local government. The current group of Councillors between them, hold many years of professional experience and local knowledge and remain an excellent source for information and advice as to the way forward with a wide range of matters, community needs and aspirations.

IMGP1294Each ward has five elected representatives known as Community Councillors. These Councillors are elected on average every four years at Local Council elections. Residents can be nominated as a Councillor at the time of elections and must meet some basic relevant criteria as set out by the Election Officer. Once elected, Councillors must sign up and comply with a Code of Conduct as set out by the Welsh Government.

The Community Council is funded in the main by the taxpayer, via Powys County Council. The precept is set annually and claimed from Powys County Council. In turn this comes from the council tax paid by local residents.

Much time is voluntarily given by Councillors, who are entitled to claim expenses for costs incurred, but seldom do.

The Clerk to Council is the only direct employee and also acts as Responsible Financial Officer. This includes managing all the financial affairs and general administration to meet with the legislative requirements and act as an advisor to the Council.

There is an internal auditor who carries out an annual audit of the systems and procedures of the Council. An external audit is also carried out annually by Welsh Government appointed auditors.

adrian 6Meetings are held bi monthly in Glasbury Village Hall.

Additional meetings can be held by sub committees if necessary and as required.

Decisions are regularly made on matters such as planning, finance, local policing, asset management, risk assessment, health and safety and highway matters to name a few. The Council financially supports local village halls.

At national level the Council receives reports and is consulted on the future plans of many organisations, examples are: Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority, Dyfed Powys Police, Powys Local Health Board, Powys County Council, Welsh Government, PAVO.

Please see the separate contact list for Councillors. They are there to assist you with any queries you have on Community issues. You are welcome to ring, email or make arrangements to see them at a mutually convenient time.